About us

For each of us, children are a priceless treasure. In a hectic world, where everyone is running, and time no longer belongs to us, the smile and caress of a child's hand gives us a state of calm and joy that helps us recharge emotionally.

Being parents, we were faced with the lack of time, the crowding of shops around Sarbatoril, sellers who had to deal with several customers at the same time. The experience of over 20 years in the distribution of children's products gave us the confidence to open the Libelula Vesela online store with the idea of ​​being with parents and children.

Our mission

Our mission at Libelula Vesela is to offer every parent and child the necessary resources for family life, to give them the chance to focus on what matters: each other.

Becoming a parent is a defining moment in everyone's life. With it, come changes and emotions (caring for children, the joy of the first step and word) but also questions / anxieties (how many diapers should I buy, what toys should I buy to develop my child's imagination?).

At Libelula Vesela we want to offer every parent and child the opportunity to fully enjoy the wonderful inner changes, without being distracted by the outer ones.

We achieve this by:

  • Our online store built with parents in mind to save time and effort, with advanced search and navigation facilities, focused on children's needs and passions.
  • Wide range of products for parents and children, from birth to adolescence, including toys, mother and baby products, clothing, furniture and video games.
  • Sets of key services for parents, such as the Wish List, profiles for children and access to family activities (shows, camps or parties).
  • Developing our community by promoting local products and producers and by donating to organizations helping children and families.

We want Libelula Vesela to become the place where parents will find all the products necessary for family life, and children the joy of discovering new products and magical activities.

For these reasons, we try to gather in our store as many importers and producers as possible so that you can find as wide a range of the brands you are looking for, some of which you can find below.

You can find all the brands in our store, on every page of the store, in the BRAND section of the product search filter.

We rely on your recommendations and we await your suggestions and opinions about our store, products and services.

Thank you in advance, the cheerful Dragonfly team!