Rockstar Games Launcher

How to activate a code in Rockstar Games Launcher

To activate a code in the Rockstar Games Launcher, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install Rockstar Games Launcher:
  2. Log in to Rockstar Games Social Club using your account information. If you don't have an account, create one.
  3. Click on your avatar on the top right
  4. Choose Redeem Code
  5. Enter the activation code in the corresponding field

Important : Review the instructions at the bottom of the screen to make sure you're activating the code in the correct Rockstar Games Social Club account. All Rockstar activation codes can be used only once and will be associated with the Rockstar Games Social Club account used to activate the code.

Notes : An internet connection is required to activate the code.

6. Press the Check button to certify that the code has been entered correctly
7. Click on the checkbox at the bottom to check the components that will be activated
8. Press Redeem

The code will thus be activated in your account and the game will appear in the Games section.


Activation: the cd key is activated using the Rockstar Games Launcher platform and the instructions are sent via email.

The product name also specifies the area where the code can be activated and your Rockstar Games Launcher account must be declared in that area:

  • Worldwide - anywhere in the world
  • EU - European Union
  • EMEA - Europe, the Middle East and Africa
  • US or NA - United States
  • ASIA - Asia
  • PL - Poland
  • RU - Russia
  • etc.

Payment method: online by card, bank transfer or on delivery

Compliance: the code is valid/unused, being extracted from the card/label in the original packaging or purchased as such.

Return policy: original CD Key - delivered under 100% legal conditions and cannot be replaced/returned after use/e-mail transmission.

About content: the product does not include manual, cd/dvd, box, card or any other physical element.