Gift list

The gift list is a very useful functionality when you organize events for your children, to which you have guests, and for which you want the little one to receive the gifts he wants.

Once the gift list is complete, it can be distributed to the guests in several ways: email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. They will then be able to access the list and choose the right gift or gifts, according to the allocated budget.

How to create, manage and distribute the gift list

1. Click HERE to access the gift list.

The following screen will appear:

2. Press "Create" to create a new list

The following screen will appear:

If you do not have an account, press "REGISTER HERE" and create an account.

If you have an account, you only need to enter the requested information to return to the previous screen that allows the creation, administration and distribution of the list.

3. Create the Gift List

  1. Complete the information about the event

LIST TITLE - Maria's birthday, Alexander's baptism, etc.

PUBLIC MESSAGE FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY - information about the event such as the venue, date and time, etc.

ADD ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - the important information that can be added is the one about the list of gifts that they will access based on the link that you will share after completing the respective list that, in order to purchase one or more of the gifts in the list, you must to specify/modify the quantity for each gift in the SHOPPING BASKET column and then press "Update basket" at the bottom of the gift list.

EVENT DATE (DD/MM/YYYY) - event date in month (two digits) / day (two digits) / year (four digits) format

TYPE OF EVENT - choose from the list

2. Complete the information about the creator of the list

3. Fill in the information about the address to which you want the gifts to be sent. The guests will have the opportunity to choose between sending the gifts to the address specified by you or receiving them at the address chosen by them.

4. Press CREATE GIFT LIST to add gifts to your list. The following screen will appear.

5. Click on the name of the list you created. A screen similar to:

6. Press "Add products to the list" and you will be directed back to the store. Use the menu and the search and filter functions to find the desired products.

7. Access the desired product page.

8. To add it to the Gift List, press ADD TO GIFT LIST. When you have added a gift to the list, you will notice that the number of gifts from the list will appear next to the Gift list icon:

9. To see the list component, press . A screen similar to:

10. If you press you will have the option to edit the Gift List or, if you consider it complete, to distribute it to your list of friends or family members: