What is Respondel Istetel?

What is the Responsive Istetel collection ?

Smart Answer is a unique educational concept that allows children to accumulate a lot of interesting and useful information in a fun and dynamic way.

In our interactive books, games and puzzles you will recognize the voices of famous actors such as Gabriela Bobeș, Marius Săvescu, Andra Gogan and others ... who tell children educational information about various interesting topics.

Who is the Responsive Istețel collection addressed to?

Clever Answer is intended for both preschoolers and older children, but will undoubtedly appeal to adults as well. It just depends on which book you choose.

Thanks to special technology, even preschool children who cannot read can fully use the books. Therefore, they can "read" a fairy tale or teach themselves colors, numbers, letters or a variety of shapes in a fun way.

Then they can put into practice all this information learned through the fun educational games found in every book in the Smart Answers collection.

Children and older adults will certainly be interested in subjects such as geography, history or language learning - see for example World Atlas, Human Body, Animal World or English language learning books.

How does Smart Responsive work and how is it used?

It is very simple. The Albi electronic pencil works as a special code reader, which is hidden right in the pages of the books. Tap an image or text using the stylus and you'll hear the corresponding information, sound or music.
The books contain an inexhaustible amount of information, but also games to check knowledge or perception.

The big advantage is that the Albi electronic pencil works with any book in the Smart Answer collection, so you don't need a new pencil for each book.

With the purchase of a new book, you must upload a new audio file to your pen for free, and the information from the new book becomes available immediately.

The electronic pencil has other additional features as well. Thanks to the built-in memory, you can use it as an MP3 player or USB memory stick.


The Albi electronic pencil is only compatible with the Windows operating system. The pencil cannot connect to Apple products (iOS).